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As workers plied drywall off the walls of the shell of the building at 204 E. Thompson Blvd. in Ventura, Todd Ryzow was already visualizing what his Sandbox Coffeehouse was going to look like.

It will have a European ambiance, he said — something he picked up during the past six years he spent teaching English in the Czech Republic.

“Europeans take their time to enjoy whatever they’re doing,” Ryzow said. “They work just as hard, but they find time to stop and enjoy a cup of coffee, to speak to their friends before they go on to work.”

Ryzow, an Oak Park native, plans to open Sandbox Coffeehouse before March 1 at the former site of Bad Ass Coffee, which closed in 2009. The site had been scheduled to be a scooter business, but the plans were never finalized.


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