Established in 2012

This cafe is our 4th. The first and second cafes were developed in Fort Collins, CO during 1995-1999. Cafe Luna was an outdoor cafe serving fresh grilled chicken, vegetable, and fruit skewers, served with brown or white rice. We also had freshly prepared sushi rolls and our famous “Luna Ball”… a wonderful dessert that was not only healthy, but very portable. The Wyld…flower Cafe was a true coffeehouse serving locally roasted coffee beans, bakery, live music, and beer and wine. The cafe was across from Colorado State, so it was a great place to study. Our most recent cafe was Kava Dume Coffeehouse and Wine Bar, located in Agoura Hills, CA(2002-2006). Kava Dume was many people’s 3rd space. The cafe was a place to connect with those around you, and many friendships were born there. Our concept in developing a cafe is nothing new, in fact, we would say it comes from a peroid long ago, when coffeehouses were a place of connection and change. We hope you will enjoy the Sandbox!!

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