Now showing in the Sandbox Gallery

Don’t miss the beautiful work of Kitty McGinnis & John Fitzgerald who now have their photography exhibited at Sandbox Coffeehouse, showing through June 2013.

A little about Kitty:

I’ve been taking pictures for personal pleasure all my life, following a father and aunt who printed pictures in their home darkrooms. In college art classes I spent more time with photography and pastels, earning degrees in art education and art therapy.

I started to participate in shows and competitions in 1999 while living in Colorado. In 2007, I won the Regional Award in the Southeast Colorado Art Guild Annual Competition.

Since moving to California in 2008, I have participated in member and open competitions sponsored by Buenaventura Art Association. I had my first show at the Harbor Village Gallery in 2011, a show that I shared with painter Nancy Hodge. I am a current member of the Ojai Photography Club and the Ventura County Camera Club.

The photos in this exhibit were picked for the coffeehouse: local or fun scenes from California and anywhere else I have been. While taking these pictures and when seeing them on display, each one gives me a rest, a moment away my normal activities. They sometimes make me breathe more deeply, laugh, or remember a good time. They entertain my eye with color, light, pattern and composition. Sometimes they intrigue me with possibilities, thoughts or stories beyond the image. I hope they do the same for anyone who sees them.

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