Sandbox Coffeehouse Musician Application

What we provide:

Although we aren’t able to pay our musicians yet, we do offer lunch or beer, and encourage a tip jar and help with advertising your gig in the local papers as well as post your promotional poster that you send us in the window of the cafe. We also post to our website and Facebook pages. Thank you for your interest in playing at Sandbox Coffeehouse and we hope you are having the BEST day EVER!!

Info for Musicians:

  • Please provide a promotional poster for your gig. You can either drop it off at the café or mail it to us at: Sandbox Coffeehouse, 204 E. Thompson Blvd., Ventura, CA 93001
  • Once you have set up, your vehicle will need to be moved off site to Figueroa Street to allow ample parking for visitors and customers to Sandbox.